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Capsules Dabema Decaffeinated Mild-Savoury & Fruity

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10 x 0.057 g
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Capsules Dabema Decaffeinated Mild-Savoury & Fruity

Capsules compatible with machines produced by Nespresso

Grown in a naturally shaded location on the volcanic soils of Central America, this original recipe will appeal wih its subtety, elegance and enchanting notes of honey, crystallised fruits ans chocolate.

Bringing all the richness and diversity of the world's coffees to your cup. These unique compositions are the result of our knowledge of local growing conditions and each individual producer's work. A raditional roasting process brings out the aromas and flavours of the countries of origin of the coffees

Store in a dry place.

Possible traces of nuts, gluten, mustard, sesame, milk, eggs, sulfites, soy.

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