Meat in mustard crust flavored with truffle juice

A delicious dish to share with your friends and family!

For 6 to 8 people it is necessary:

2 cute fillets

2 square puff pastries

4 slices of white ham

Salt and pepper

1 egg yolk (gilding)

Jérôme mustard the gastronome


Several hours before the meal (see even the day before)

- Sear the filet mignon for 3 minutes in a pan with a little butter and oil, turning them over.

- Let the fillets cool for several hours in a hollow dish (because of the juice that will flow).

- Spread the two rectangles of puff pastry.

- On each side place 2 slices of white ham side by side (this is to prevent the juice from soaking the dough too much during cooking).

- Spread a few tablespoons of mustard Jerome the gastronome well in the center on the ham.

- Put a well-drained filet mignon on each rectangle.

- Add salt and pepper.

- Close the dough by packing the fillets well.

- Weld the ends with a little egg white.

- Mix the egg yolk with a small drop of water and spread over the tenderloins with a kitchen brush. This will allow your net to have a nice golden color at the exit of the oven.

- Bake in a hot oven 200 ° C for 30 minutes.

 It is possible to prepare this dish in advance.

For ease when cutting, use an electric knife to obtain beautiful regular slices without breaking or crushing the crust of the net.

 Now treat yourself!


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