Leek dressing with Colette la starlette mustard

For the pleasure of the taste buds!


Recipe of leek dressing for 4 people:

8 small leeks,

2 hard boiled eggs

Chopped parsley,

Chives or chervil to choose,

Mustard Colette la starlette.

Preparation of the recipe :

1 - Choose preferably new thin and tender leeks.

2 - Wash the leeks to remove the soil and cut the roots.

3 - Slice the greens leaving only the soft green part.

4 - Split the top of leek casks and wash again.
5 - The leeks are clean and ready for cooking.
6 - Tie the leeks into bunches to hold them.
7 - Diving the boots in the simmering salted water and keeping the leeks submerged with a lid.
8 - Cook for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the size and possibly sting to test the right cooking.
9 - Immerse immediately in ice water for a few minutes and drain.
10 - Crush the boiled eggs (white and yellow) with a fork.
11 - Serve the leeks fresh and well drained on a plate, sprinkle with crushed egg, chopped parsley and add two teaspoons of our tasty mustard Colette la starlette.
Good tasting !

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