Goat cheese sandwiches, traditional black olive specialty and dried tomato

A recipe idea with our products Epicerie de Provence!


- 1 country bread
- 1 log of goat's cheese
- 1 pot of black olives specialty Epicerie de Provence
- 1 specialty pot of dried tomatoes Epicerie de Provence
- 1 green salad
- Olive oil
If you wish, you can add pine nuts and chopped basil leaves.

Preparation of the recipe :

- Preheat your oven to grill position.

- Spend 3 minutes on the grill 4 thin slices of country bread.

- Arrange slices of goat cheese on the bread.

- Spread 2 slices of specialty with black olive Epicerie de Provence and 2 slices of dried tomatoes specialty Epicerie de Provence.

- Arrange slices of bread topped with goat cheese on a bed of green salad,

- Put on top the specialty slices of black olives and dried tomatoes,

- Add a drizzle of olive oil.

Good tasting !


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