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May 2019

« The essentials for summer appetisers ».

Summer is coming !

Snacks/ starters :

    - Choose the truffle flavoured potato crisps from Sal de Ibiza for originality.

    - For a Provence touch ; we suggest you the black olive and dried tomato paste. Delicious on toasts or with vegetables sticks.

    - Sea food : taste the tuna pate by José Gourmet on a toast.

Drinks :

    - An exotic touch with the Island punch dispenser. Perfect to sharing good times with your friends.  

For decoration :

    - Customize your cocktails with the candied rose petals pieces from L’Epicerie de Provence.



April 2019

Easter is coming, don't forget your menu!

  #1/ Josette's grandmother mimosa eggs.

  Season its with our sal de Ibiza and Epices & Co, spices and salts. 

#2/ Angélique leg of lamb with crushed potatoes
Your meat go well with C'est Français dried tomatoes basil. Perfume your mashed potatoes with Epicerie de Provence truffle olive oil.

# 3/ Customized your desserts
With our Madagascar Menakao chocolates customized your desserts: Hazelnut, vanilla, arabica and fleur de sel, orange and cramberries, combava and pink berries, chilli bird ... Make your choice!

March 2019

Our C'est Français c'est décalé mustards in the Femme Actuelle magazine!



February 2019 

A recipe idea ? Go on our recipe page and discover our delicious preparations :

  January 2019

We speak about us and on our delicious teas:


Histoire de Goût was present to Maison & Objet exhibition : Hall 1 - Stand C68 - D67



December 2018


Sal de Ibiza in the British Vogue magazine.



Histoire de Goût in Version Femina magazine.



November 2018

Be gourmet, be in love.

With Gourmet in Love, we are gourmets. And we are in love. Lover of good things, beautiful flavors. We are seduced by the delicacy of the floral notes. We fall under the spell of fruity notes. We let ourselves be enchanted by the flavors of spices. That's why we naturally chose to give this beautiful name to our line of gourmet products: Gourmet in Love.

The range is composed by:

- Teas: flavored and iced. Greedy and fruity notes that will delight your taste buds. Discover our selection!

- Infusions with flavors of fruits and flowers. You will discover the benefits of this drink become healthy, beneficent and refined. Learn more!

- Organic cocoas and coffees of origin and flavored: Pure organic cocoa nature has a rich and powerful taste for a creamy and velvety texture. Let yourself be tempted by our wide selection of gourmet and comforting flavors by clicking here!

- Cocktail syrups, flowers, fruits and gold glitter, etc .. So many gourmet ideas that you can make with our syrups: cocktails, toppings, pancakes, fruit salads ...

- Salts and flowers of salt of origin and flavored. They will bring a touch of exotic extravagance into your everyday kitchen. Yum, it makes you want!

- Spices & mustards natural and tasty, with pungent and daring tastes. Discover them!

- Confi'love & traditional crystallized flowers and refined. Spread on fresh bread or brioche. In desserts: pancakes, waffles, French toast, fodder ...

- Mixtures for arranged rums and traditional and exotic cocktails with pretty playful containers. It's time for the party! Learn more.

- Delicious cake mixes: cookies, mellow, muffins, brownies, there's something for everyone!


October 2018

Histoire de Goût is always looking for new gourmet ideas!

A part of our team is currently at SIAL, International Food Show in Paris.


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In 1996, love was born between a grocer and a confectioner graduated from Lenôtre. Based near Grasse in the Alpes-Maritimes, the two aesthetes imagine a range of syrups and jams made from flowers and local fruits.The success with the public is not long: L'Épicerie de Provence was born.Today the recipe has not changed.Made in our workshops in Provence, country of an aromatic gastronomy, our line of products takes on the appearance of a very chic and chic country. The soft colors evoke the sweetness of life in Provence, a reassuring harmony, a delicious sensation of well-being in a universe of discreet and refined luxury.