Quality charter

Discover our actions in favour of the environment.

Discover our actions for the environment.

Quality chart

Discover our actions for the environment.

- ISO 14001 procedure

Histoire de Goût follows the environmental approach ISO 14 001 which aims to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.

- "Eco" packaging:

Histoire de Goût is committed to designing eco-friendly products with the goal of achieving a total output of plastic by 2023.

Histoire de Goût makes the choice of recyclable and reusable packaging and avoids overpacking synonymous with pollution.

Recyclable materials: glass is very present. The "glass jar", the "Travel mug", the carafe, the fountain, the mason jar, the vial, the "pineapple" glass, the "tiki glass" are made of recycled glass. The boxes are mostly cardboard.

Reusable packaging: shots, bocks, cups, carafes, fountains and cocktail glasses are easily reusable at home.

- A very "isolated" building

The premises of Histoire de Goût à Signes are designed in accordance with RT2005. This imposes an increased insulation to limit the consumption of energy. The building design is part of the HQE (High Environmental Quality) approach. This approach aims to control the impact of the building on the environment.

- Recycling: 100% objective

In June 2009, the agglomeration of municipalities on which the Signes business zone depends has not yet introduced sorting. Histoire de Goût decides to invest to set up its own sorting. Papers, plastics, glass, organic materials. Objective: 100% of recycled waste.