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"my homemade mustard" manufacturing kit

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MUSTARD DIY KIT with Cider vinegar 10 cl + Brown mustard seeds 100 gr + MEAT SEASONING BLEND 7 gr + FISH SEASONING BLEND + 1
ceramic pot
120 g
€174.60 le kilo

Ingredients: Cider vinegar : cider vinegar (5% acidity), preservative: sodium sulphite acid. Brown mustard seeds : MEAT SEASONING BLEND : FISH SEASONING BLEND :
Average nutrition Value for 100 ml : Cider vinegar : Brown mustard seeds : MEAT SEASONING BLEND : FISH SEASONING BLEND :
Add: - 10cL cold water - 10cL sunflower oil - 15g corn flour - 40g liquid honey - Salt & pepper You will need: - 1 bowl / salad bowl - 1 blender - 1 scale Preparation: - 1. Place the mustard seeds, the cider vinegar and the water into a salad bowl. Stir and leave to infuse in the open 24 hours. - 2. Add honey, sunflower oil, cornflour, salt and pepper. - 3. Blend. For an old-fashioned mustard: roughly mix. For a "fine" mustard: mix thoroughly to obtain a very smooth texture and sift. - 4. Flavour or not your mustard, with either the "meat spice mix" or the "fish spice mix", - 5. Pour into the ceramic jar and leave open in the refrigerator for 24/48 hours to reduce the sensation of spiciness. - 6. Enjoy your diy mustard! You can keep it in the refrigerator several weeks (away from light and air).Store in a dry place.

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