Ibiza Salt Sal de Ibiza

Salt-Mill Salt de Ibiza

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110 g
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Salt-mill with ceramic grinding device filled with salt from Ibiza

For over 2700 years, Sal de Ibiza extracts an exceptionnal salt from the Ibiza saltworks. Daniel C. Witte grown up on the island and convinced the salt workers to share this treasure. In order for a sea salt to be good and healthy,  it only needs seal, sun and wind.  When the crystals salt melt-in-the-mouth, it's as we find out the taste of the salt for the first time. Real crystal of life.

Ingredients: 100% coarse sea-salt - pure crystals.

Please consider the visible humidity of our "fresh" sea-salt a characteristic of quality, as well as possible lumping, since Sal de Ibiza definitely does not contain any pouring agents nor any other additives.

Origin country:  Spain

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